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Post Media Company is an advertisement and artistic company in Kurdistan region in Iraq. It has been established with a big goal, which is structuring the future with the most improved technologies, new ideas, and fascinating. The company encompasses many sectors that are monitored by a skillful and a talented staff in the fields of Video advertisement, production, strategic marketing sector, branding, online advertisement, digital marketing, IT, and photography. Post Media Company has a reliable staff because of their ability and experience in these fields in both locally and internationally. Post Media Company is approved by Google Company, which is one of the biggest companies all around the World. Post Media Company’s services are shared via Social networks, Web Site banners of the smartphones, YouTube, and link it in. In addition, we can produce graphic video motions, graphic designs, video clips with the most advanced cameras and modern software.

Company Divisions

We produce advertisements and artistic videos in a professional way with 4K quality and creative ideas under the control of the director, with scenarist, cameraman, and actors.
We produce albums and take pictures for advertisement in a chrome studio for models in fashion and Kurdish clothes for salons and brands for the first time in Kurdistan and Iraq. We have a photography staff for taking pictures of your special ceremonies like wedding, birthday, and marriage anniversary with the best quality.
Design sector produces special designs for advertisement in social networks, the web site of the company, or for the special cases of the business places and companies. .
Our company produces and publishes advertisements on a special website, social networks and website banners. Also, we can spread and publish your advertisement via smartphones in social networks such as; Instagram, YouTube with the highest rate of shares. For the first time in Kurdistan, Post Media as the leading company in advertisement field are going to provide data reports for your advertisement after it ends. This will ensure that they have reached the desired views with translating your advertisement into three languages (Kurdish, Arabic, and English) and making maps for finding the public places and connecting it to the official websites of special businesses.

Why is it important to choose Post Media Company for your advertisement?

Post Media is academically, socially, and professionally trying to introduce your works to people in a way that people talk about your products and services and recognize them easily. If you want people to think about your products and services to remember them plus why it is important for them to choose your place as well as why is it important for you to choose us.


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